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Random Christmas

“Much of our business is through word of mouth and repeat business. So we like to provide the amenities to keep our customers coming back.”
Tim Brown

Hello Randomerz

Christmas is only 36 sleeps away and we must all be thinking now, what do I get that special someone for Christmas? Well not to panic as Randomgiftz.com has over 3000 gift ideas for you, so even Gran can get that thoughtful gift filled with love.

We have gifts for him, from a personalised Manchester United dressing room frame complete with his name and number on a shirt next to his hero’s to a cushion for his iPhone to relax on whilst he sleeps!

Ladies we have many cute and useful Christmas gifts for you too, from the Aqua bag to keep your iPhone safe and dry from the pool or baby dribble! to the cactus wine rack to elegantly hold your bottles of vino.

What about the kids? We hear ya, we have toys everywhere from the Little Tikes cash register to cute and cuddly Octonauts.

Retro lovers, no worries, Personalised gifts? check, clothing? check. Gonna stop you there, we are RANDOM for a reason.

Keeping in the spirit of randomness check out this article from trendhunter on 31 luxurious golden gadgets!

Another trendhunter article that is simply bizzare is 15 human Hello Kitty Habitats

Random but sooo cool, can you imagine living in there! Now I am a full blooded football loving male but this house is intriguing to say the least. More up my street would be Hello Kitty urban art, now I could compromise with the wife and hanfg some of this up in my mancave.




Well folks as I have done all my christmas shopping already, I sat there on Saturday and watched my footy team lose 5-2 so I am off to re-create the match on Fifa13 and get my revenge followed by opening my Call of Duty game to take me well into the evening.

Below are some of the mentioned gifts above, so help Santa out a little this year and jump on the Christmas shopping from your sofa bandwagon and avoid the last minute dash to the madness which is the shopping mall’s this year!

We would love to hear your Random Christmas gift ideas or events planned drop us a FB message or tweet


Speak soon


Octonauts Barnacles

Cactus Wine Rack

Aqua Bag - iPhone

Manchester United Dressing Room Frame



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Well what a month it’s been! Not a typical August with the Olympics, a lion spotted on the loose in Essex, Eddie Murphy spoof death threats and rain one day with sun the next. Is the world going mad? Are we in for another random month?
My saving grace is that even though the Olympics were really good and I am amazed at some of the achievements from the Usain Bolt to Phelps in the swimming to Ben Ainsley in the sailing what an event to tide us sporting fans over until the footy started again! Thank god we were not left with just cricket to observe for a month! Oh yes I’m excited to see if the premier league will be as interesting again as last year, some teams look stronger but some look strangely weaker. I truly believe that in about 5 seasons Manchester United will be looking at mid table cause they can not seem to attract the big names in Europe anymore with players getting paid more to play across the road.

Moving on though I have been impressed in this climate with people I have met starting their own businesses and encourage and support all to do so. I started when I had enough of working in restaurant management and taking orders all day and night, working stupid hours getting stupid pay and taking stupid orders from bosses who sit behind a laptop and have no clue on how to run things on the floor, ridiculous.

So I decided to start a company and work for myself and vow to run it how it should be, profitable. It without compromising customer service. How do I do it? It’s really simple by being commited to serve every customer how you would expect to serve yourself and to take a profit but not a stupidly high profit. These two simple rules have helped my business be one successful. I am not super rich but after year one I have expanded to two websites http://www.randomgiftz.comwww.randomgiftz.comand http://www.slfurniture.co.ukwww.slfurniture.co.uk
Ending year one with a profit is fantastic but the best thing about being the boss and working on the frontline is that you can steer your business in the direction it needs to go because you see it first hand not stuck behind a laptop hiding away in your ivory tower. Talking with your customers and having input on every aspect of your business. I plan to open another three sites by Summer next year and hopefully be able to work from home and my own hours by the time I’m 35 that’s the dream and what keeps me driven. “where do you work?” “last week I was working from a coffee shop under the Eiffel tower in Paris then on the weekend I was working from a ski resort in Bulgaria, next week I’m gonna be working from my bed” wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to say that?

My message to you all is you only have one shot why be someone’s donkey, I taught myself from google you can do the same

Til next time love you all x

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A computer once…

A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.
Read more at http://www.coolfunnyquotes.com/#tULyYDpUY20jm6F3.99

Well hello RandomBlog, since our last post we have had a major facelift on our site, we think it looks much better, you can see for yourself here. We have made it easier to navigate so that you can find your gifts with super duper ease! Are’nt we good to you lot!

In true tradition we move randomly on….WoW what an Olympic effort by all the competitors and the host city London. We loved watching the games and getting involved with the whole spectacle. A big shout out must go to all the volunteers who had a big part in making it a success! As we are all about smiles here at Randomgiftz we found some pretty funny Olympic pics, here are a few of our favourites…

There is actually a whole site dedicated to Mo Farah running away from things mofarahrunningawayfromthings.tumblr.com/ We do enjoy a little laugh but in all seriousness congrats to all involved.

Whilst sitting at home and watching the Olympics we were busy adding lots of new products for you to browse over such as… The personalised headline act poster, the keep calm and drool on baby vest, the sweetie bottles and not forgetting the union jack tin tote lunchbox

My Sweetie Bottles

Blue Print Keep Calm Vest

Headline Act - Personalised Poster

Tin Tote - Union Jack

Randomly moving on, we have had lots of fun and games this summer one of them was announcing the winners of our first ever facebook competition. CONGRATULATIONS to Abigail Craig and Louise Willis who both were picked at random from our following list! You can enter our comps easily and free by simply following our facebook page here. We keep you updated with competitions, new products and special offers first, but do not worry we dont spam your news feed everyday like some other companys do. If we think a cool new product needs to be shared we will, trying to keep it to once a week if that! So go on follow us, its free you get cool new product info and you are automatically entered into our facebook comps just by being on our list! the next comp will have 5 winners, thats right 5!!!!!

Last months prizes were…

Boosh Overnight Bag.

The Godfather Bag

So you can see we give away cool stuff and we notify you about cool stuff, how awesome is that!

Time to finish this post with 2 random infocharts cause they are cool too…


Til next time Randomerz…..keep smiling

Scotty x

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Just wrote a wh…

Just wrote a whole blog and my laptop fizzled out of battery so I posted a Grandad dancing to deliver a smile until next b log time lol

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Good to be back folks!

After moving office and having no broadband for a month, we have been enjoying the sun but have now got back down to business with our random blog! We start by saying thank you to everybody who has entered our first facebook competition we have been overwhelmed by the response! For those of you yet to enter simply click here to enter, its free it keeps you updated with news and gossip from Randomville oh and we do not post every 5 secounds like some companies do, we prefer to treat you like friends, share your jokes, random moments in life and help us to create the most random facebook page in the whole of the world! (we only ask that you keep it clean)

Now with the release of the Amazing Spiderman and Batman movies we decided to look for some funny superheros on the web and came across these funny buggers!

Retired and still fighting crime ha ha ha! courtesy of guzer.com. Moving swiftly on without the zimmer comes a new superhero….Wallyman? courtsey of the-iss.com


Here he is in all his glory! Lets hope his super power is not well, being a wally otherwise my cat will have to stay in the neighbours tree, also interesting point……what would his signal be?

And Villans…


What makes this dude a villian? Where do we start, is it his baby blue lycra suit? or his poncy stance? No, its his comedy yellow pants of course!

Random change of subject…check out these great summer icecream inspired home deco pieces they are awesome like this giant chair, wait ice cream, wait chair, wait do I eat or sit? check them all out at trendhunter.com


If your looking to cool down this summer we do have lots of summer quencherz on site ready for your purchase such as the chilly ice cubes Thats right CHILLY shaped ice cubes!



We also have the Police crime scene beach towel the Giant duck and the awesome ready in 15 minutes swimming pools! There is lots, lots more at Randomgiftz.com to help cool you down this summer. After having the unfortunate job of trying out all our products we had to fire the giant water canon, jump in the pools and use the chilly icecubes (its a hard life) we decided to create some new artwork for the front slider on the site like the Oylmpic banner…


Our new facebook cover photo art…


And not forgetting our Random vouchers…


If you are overwhelmed by the vast choice of 3000+ gift ideas on our site do not panic we have made it more user friendly with our search box with better word recognition, our search by price categories or if its a gift for that impossible to buy for person (Dad) we have gift vouchers that can be sent to you or the recipient by e-mail or by post so you can let them choose what they would like from Randomville.

To round off this another Random post we finish in style with the awesome infochartz…

Hope we put a smile on yer face!

See ya soon Randomerz x


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Well hello to y…

Well hello to you!

What a busy week we have had, updating lots of randomness and moving premises too! Also supporting the football but sadly we witnessed an epic fail against the Italians that I do not wish to comment on, they deserved it lets just leave it at that! Due to our moving of premises we have donated some stock to a chrity that we support, the Rainbow Trust and have also given Pujan the Cat aka our security a new home, that was a sad day, but his leaving party was sooo awesome we all had to have a cat nap! ha ha sorry it had to be done x

Anyway lets move on randomly to our favourite random quotes this month…

3-When people ask me if I have any spare change, I tell them, ‘I have it at home in my spare wallet.’

2-You grow up the day you have your first real laugh – at yourself.

And rolling in at number one……drumroll please……

I have met a lot of hardboiled eggs in my time, but you sir are twenty minutes.

Now time for some random funny motivational posters…




Sooo looks like Homer Simpson, it is actually quite scary! Motivational posters are an awesome take on life and its challenges, as Barney Stinson displays on his office wall in the US hit sitcom How I met your Mother, which by the way I am still waiting to meet the mother!!!!!!

Now time to plug our website, www.randomgiftz.com check it out, we are always adding awesome colorful products to brighten your day, we have a huge range of over 3000 gift ideas for presents or even yourself! Popular categories at the moment are ‘Gifts under £10’, ‘Partytime prezzies’ and ‘Gifts for him’ have a browse, we have got awesome covered.

Finally to finish off an infograph or two, everybody loves an infograph…

Have a great week randomerz



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RANDOM QUOTE OF THE WEEK- “Three words guaranteed to humiliate men everywhere: ‘Hold my purse.’”- courtesy of http://www.lifed.com

Well how is everyone doing, ready for this weeks randomness!?!? Well lets start things off with some randomness spotted at the Euro’s so far…get ready to smile…

Oh yes cats watch football too, check out this kitten getting involved!- thefunnyblog.org

whoops, sorry Woy but its like your brother and sister, only joking we did not want to post this but it is really uncanny!

And last but not least….

Not only did the ball hit the post and go in off of Shay Gives face but he landed face down on the white line


Any who thats enough off the footy for now and in true style we move on to some stuff we got going on at the moment, we have new top categories like special gift ideas, go a little further by personalising your gift for that extra special dude or dudette. Is everybody doing their kitchen out at the same time? We have had a surge in peeps buying kitchen gift ideas, I mean we know there are some cool ideas but at the same time? Poor old pujan the cat cant get any sleep in our stockroom! And as per our promise to try and deliver the best possible prices to y’all we have the save some moolah category. So you can find awesomness at a bargin price, shhhhhh dont tell everyone, well until you have bought what you want first ha ha ha!

Now moving on we have had a right old joke with some funny car pics check these out, would you drive something like this? We are looking for a new delivery van…

chomp, chomp- allstuffpics.net

um one of my five a day?- onecarspot.com

And the winner of the new random van is………

oh yes traffic will not be a problem- tkfco.com

Im gonna have to try and buy that delivery van, can you imagine waiting for your delivery and then seeing a croc pull up outside your window, can you say kodak moment!

Some top gifts from our site at the moment www.randomgiftz.com 

The Godfather Cufflinks

Chilly Peppers

Oven Mitt - Keep It Sweet & Simple (My Five A Day)

And to leave you today we have another infograph!!!!!!

courtesy- http://www.forgetfoo.com


Chow for now x

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More infographs!

We love infographs at Randomgiftz.com almost so that it has become an addiction in randomville. We have been browsing away at all the latest topics online and want to share a few with you all…

Telecommuting Work Remotely from home

and why not randomly check out this awesome patisserie in mexico!!!!



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Random visuals!



courtesy of http://www.loveinfographics.com and http://www.visual.ly

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